ZJQ series roots air-cooled vacuum pump

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ZJQ Series air-cooling roots vacuum pump is in ZJ Roots series vacuum pump based on the increased bypass gas cooling system is designed. Because of its special structural design, make its can run reliably for a long time under the high pressure. Under normal circumstances are in the pump outlet or back flow are installed in the piping for heat exchanger. Cooling gas from both sides of the pump body into the pump cavity and cooling of the rotor and the pump cavity, but the pump pumping performance did not affect. Pump can be used alone can also multiple used in tandem, or with liquid ring vacuum pump in series to form a unit and achieve higher vacuum degree to meet the technological requirements.


ZJQ Roots series vacuum pump has the following characteristics:

.Enable to be directly discharged into the atmosphere, no waste water discharge;

.Enable to be connected in series with the former pump composed of Roots unit, energy saving effect is remarkable. Compared with the ordinary Roots pump, the ZJQ Roots pump vacuum can work under high pressure difference, can appropriately reduce the fore pump so as to achieve energy saving effect.

.Wide range of application. Due to the exhaust side can withstand high pressure, effectively solve the ordinary vacuum pump Roots pressure difference is too large, the vacuum degree of the former pump caused by overload, overheating;

.Enable to work under higher inlet pressure series.ZJQ air cooled vacuum pump Roots theory can work under the condition of the entrance to the atmospheric pressure;

.The motor power is not sure series.ZJQ Roots pump vacuum the calculation of the actual working conditions according to the calculation of the maximum differential pressure in order to determine the required motor power.


Main Technical Performance Specifications of ZJQ Series Air-cooling Model Roots Vacuum Pump


ModelSuction speed (L/s)Limitation pressure (Pa)Max. allowable pressure tolerance(Pa)Speed(r/min)Inlet DN(mm)Outlet DN(mm)Return port DN(mm)Motor power(kW)


Note: in the table listed limit pressure of the pump is used alone directly discharged to atmosphere when the limit pressure value, when matched with the fore pump limit pressure and ZJ Roots series vacuum pump of the same, according to corresponding roots vacuum pump limit pressure value.


Working principle animation of Roots air-cooling vacuum pump:working principle of air-cooling Roots vacuum pump




ZJN Series Air-cooling Stainless Steel Roots Vacuum Pump




ZJN series vacuum pump Roots is on the basis of ZJQ air cooled vacuum pump, all the flow components are changed to stainless steel material or other corrosive materials.

ZJN series air cooling type stainless steel vacuum pump Roots work characteristics, technical parameters, principle working and so on can refer to series ZJQ air cooling type vacuum pump Roots.

The material of ZJN series air cooling type stainless steel vacuum pump Roots over current component can be chosen:

S30408 (old brand 0Cr18Ni9, new brand 06Cr19Ni10)

S31603 (old brand 00Cr17Ni12Mo2, new brand 022Cr17Ni11Mo2)

31803 (SAF2205, new brand 022Cr22Ni5Mo3N)




ZJN series stainless steel pump body 


ZJN series stainless steel rotor

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