screw vacuum pump

Screw vacuum pump


Screw vacuum pump (also known as twin screw vacuum pump, no oil dry screw vacuum pump) is my company according to the market demand, independent research and development of advanced technology of dry vacuum pump. Because screw vacuum pump without oil lubrication or water seal, pump chamber completely without oil, so screw vacuum pump in the semiconductor, electronics industry requirements without oil clean vacuum occasions and pharmaceutical and chemical solvent recovery process and has incomparable advantage, can be widely used to replace rotary vane vacuum pumps, rotary piston vacuum pump, water ring vacuum pump, water jet vacuum pump, reciprocating vacuum pump, roots water ring vacuum unit.

Our production of screw vacuum pump with a unique type of line design and sealing structure, the product has been the national patent certificate, patent No.: ZL 200820225961.2

Screw vacuum pump of a guide process is equivalent to the level of pump, a plurality of guide screw vacuum pump the equivalent of multistage pump series, relative to the claw type vacuum pump, multi-stage Roots vacuum pump and multistage tandem dry vacuum pump, because no internal channel between the screw vacuum pump pump at all levels, but directly to the gas from the suction side push to send to the exhaust side, so in the pumping condensable gas, dust and particles in the gas with uneasy blockage and convenient cleaning.

For low (high vacuum) in continuous operation, in front of the screw vacuum pump Roots series vacuum pump, so it can greatly improve the low pressure pumping speed and reduce power consumption. Parameters in detail please reference JZJLG Roots series dry screw vacuum pump unit.


The main performance parameters

Maximum suction rate (L/s)3070100180
Extreme pressure (mbar)
Maximum exhaust pressure (bar)
Motor power (kW)47.51522
Speed (r/min)2890290029302940
Inlet port diameter (mm)DN50DN50DN65DN100
Outlet port diameter (mm)DN40DN40DN65DN65
Gear oil consumption (L)
Cooling water content (L/h)120210400600
Cooling water allows maximum pressure (MPa)
Cooling gas volume (m3/h)18253030
Suction end seal typeO-shape circle
Exhaust end seal typeMechanical seal
Shaft seal typeSkeleton oil seal

Main features:

.The structure is compact and the floor area is small.

.The structure is simple, the maintenance is convenient; the maintenance and the maintenance of the pump need not special tools.

.Single pump can reach the limit pressure of 30Pa~5Pa, the working range is wider.

.According to the condition system equipped with appropriate roots vacuum pump can be composed of a dry vacuum pump unit, greatly improving the area of low pressure pumping speed and reduce power consumption.

.Pump cavity without oil, no pollution to the pumping system, can get a clean vacuum.

.Pump cavity without oil, it is very easy to achieve the recovery of the solvent.

.The pump cavity and the screw surface are provided with nickel coating or PTFE coating for selection, which can be used to remove a large amount of water vapor and a variety of corrosive media.

.Because of no oil in the work process, wastewater discharge, no pollution to the environment.

.The requirement for cooling water is lower, and the normal circulating water can meet the requirements of the pump, and the cooling water is smaller.

.Easy cleaning. Such as pump cavity into the dirt need cleaning, simply open the pump suction port, and the pump is opened from the pump suction port adding amount of water or cleaning agent can pump clean, no need to disassemble the pump.

Working principle:

As shown in the figure, screw vacuum pump is arranged in a pair of parallel spiral rotor (1 and 2), which in the direction of rotation of a rotor dextral, another thing is left. Two rotor in the pump body (9) through a pair of gear (3) keep synchronous reverse rotation. Between the rotor and the rotor, between the rotor and the pump body without abrasions and to maintain a certain gap, between two rotors and pump body formed seal cavity (4), the rotor coil number equal to the number of seal cavity.

Two rotors in according to the map in the direction of rotation, with the suction port (5) connected to the sealing cavity space becomes larger, gas is inhaled and is transmitted to the exhaust side, the exhaust side of the sealing cavity space (6) in the rotation process becomes small, the gas is compressed to vent (7).

A long time to pump the pump body and the end cover of the jacket (8) in the appropriate amount of cooling water to the pump for cooling. 

Because of the heat of compression mainly in exhaust side (6) to generate, in order to fully cooled rotor, in most cases can be the amount of air or other suitable gas by mixing air outlet (10) into the pump chamber.


Outline dimensional drawing of series screw vacuum pump


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