ZGP series harrow type vacuum driers

ZGP series harrow type vacuum driers

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ZGP harrow vacuum drier is improved and produced by our company on the basis of the technology of the domestic harrow vacuum drier. According to the various materials, such as, plasm, grease, granule, powder, fibre, the transmitted part is used the column gear box which works steadily and wears well, the active shaft is used the solid shaft of the over-striking stainless steel, and the harrow teeth are made of the high strength foundry stainless steel. By these measures, it can ensure that the harrow vacuum drier works steadily in various rigorous conditions. And there are two or four knocking sticks are set in the drier for benefiting the dryness and smash of the materials. The heating media may be used the steam, conducted heat oil and hot water.


Application range

ZGP series harrow vacuum driers are especially suitable to dry the materials which are sensitive to heat, easy to oxygenate in the high temperature and to harden in the dryness process, and when the discharge steam is required to be reclaimed in the dryness process. After the dryness finished, the materials become into the powder. So it is not necessary to smash them again and the dried materials can be packed directly. If the finished product is required being powder, to use the ZGP harrow vacuum drier is more proper. The rate of the contained water in the inlet material can reach 90%. As the dried materials, such as, plasm, grease, granule, powder and fibre, the final rate of the contained water can reach 1% and even 0.5%. So the ZGP harrow vacuum drier is used extensively in the process which produces the solid methylate natrium.



.The applicability is strong and dryness speed is quick. Because the harrow vacuum drier is designed with double casings that the heating media circulates in it. It has high discharge pressure. So almost materials with different character or status are proper to be dried by the ZGP vacuum drier, especially when the materials are explosive and easy to oxidize.
.The quality is high. During the dryness process, the harrow teeth move constantly in positive and negative direction. So the dried materials are stirred equally.
.The consumed steam is very little.
.The operation of the drier is simple and the volatilizable gases can be reclaimed to reduce the environment pollution.


Technology parameters


ModelEffective volume(L)Working volume(L)Heated area(m2)Rake gear speed(rpm)Transmission power(kW)The allowed max. ratio of the leaked pressure under empty load(Pa.L/s)
ZGP-100100501101.51000Pa.L/s(the leakage value<0.036MPa/h)
ZGP-2002001001.6101.51000Pa.L/s(the leakage value<0.018MPa/h)
ZGP-5005002503.141031000Pa.L/s(the leakage value<0.0072MPa/h)
ZGP-100010005005.02107.51000Pa.L/s(the leakage value<0.0036MPa/h)
ZGP-2000200010008.017111000Pa.L/s(the leakage value<0.0018MPa/h)
ZGP-30003000150010.027151000Pa.L/s(the leakage value<0.0012MPa/h)
ZGP-40004000200011.877151000Pa.L/s(the leakage value<0.0009MPa/h)
ZGP-60006000300015.577221000Pa.L/s(the leakage value<0.0006MPa/h)
ZGP-80008000400019.27301000Pa.L/s(the leakage value<0.0004MPa/h)
ZGP-1000010000500022.67371000Pa.L/s(the leakage value<0.0003MPa/h)


The attentive items when place an order

. Please notify us the following items when you inquiry and place an order:

1.The material of the inner casing.(It is normal used the SUS304.)

2.The heated type.(Steam, hot water, hot oil)

3.The highest pressure of the steam. (When the steam is used for drying the material.)

4.The highest temperature in the double casing.

5.The viscosity number of the material.

6.Whether the explosive requirement is necessary for the motor.

7.Whether the explosive requirement is necessary for the electrical controlled device which controls the harrow teeth turning in positive or negative direction at definite period.

. Because the practical condition in the various industries and dryness techniques is very different, such as, the heated temperature, the vaporized volume, the cooling volume, please offers the following technology parameters if you want us to choose the vacuum pump and condenser:

1.The name of the pumped media. (for example: water or other solvent)

2.The average temperature in the double casing of the drier.(for example:110oC)

3.The work pressure. (for example:-0.08MPa)

4.The maximum volume of the vaporized liquid (for example: 30kg/h)

5.The practical cooling condition.(The temperature and the flowrate of the cooling water.)

. If the above parameters can't be given and the similar successful experiences are not obtained, we recommend that you'd best come to our company for dryness trial.

• Notes: 1. The type of the drier for trial is ZGP-100 and it can dry 50L of the finished product every time. We recommend that the proper volume of the dryness material brought with the customer is 30~50L every time.

2.The trial device includes the oil-heating system and vacuum pump.

3.It will cost you a reasonable charge for the dryness trial.

4.If you want to come to our company for trial, please notify us 2 days before so as to prepare the trial device for you    

Working Principle

The harrow vacuum drier is a kind of dryness equipments which uses the decrease of the boiling point of the water containing in the material in the vacuum. This drier uses the indirect heating style with the double casings to heat the water and pump the vapor out in time. In the inner casing, the harrow teeth are driven by the transmission shaft, and a definite angle is designed between the harrow teeth and the shaft line. The active shaft turns in positive and negative direction to make the materials move towards the axial direction till pushed out. By this method, the material can be dried and discharged out efficiently





Structure characteristics:

· The solid stainless steel shaft is different with the hollow stick which is used in other factories. Because the status of the dried materials is very complicated and the material will become sticky in the dryness process, the best performance of the solid stainless steel shaft is just able to guarantee the steady dryness process.

· The drier body uses the sticker steel board and the normal pressure of the double casing is 0.5MPa. It also can be designed and manufactured according to the different requirements of the customers.

· Cast stainless steel harrow teeth. Most manufactures use the hollow pipe welding harrow teeth which are easy to curve during the dryness process especially to add the knocking sticks in the drier, so the hollow pipe welding harrow teeth have higher failure rate and are easy to be curved and broken. But we design the knocking sticks made of the stainless steel pipes with hollow wall which are approximately as long as the casing length. In the drier casing, the knocking sticks move freely. Normally, there are two or four knocking sticks in the casing to knock the materials constantly till the materials are smashed. So the dryness process is shortened and the finished products are better. The high strength and stability of the cast stainless steel harrow teeth leads to the steadily working environment when add the knocking sticks. The advantages have been proved in the practice.

· The humanism design of the inlet and outlet parts. The inlet part uses the quick unloading flange so that the loading is convenient and quick. The outlet part uses closed discharge structure of the worm wheel which leads to convenient discharge and simple operation and easy pack without residual materials.

· The advanced shaft seal makes the lest leakage. This type of seals is proved better in the process of the solid methylate natrium which requires the seal highly.

Sketch map of the structure of the worm wheel of the outlet parts (Note: this structure is only used in the ZGP-1000 and other types whose volume is larger than ZGP-1000. As the driers with small volume, their structure is quick downloaded structure.)



1.Casing of the outlet parts    2.Shaft of the worm    3.Fore bearing housing of the worm   

4.Handwheel                  5.Worm wheel          6.Seal washer

7.Top seal washer               8.Bottom seal washer      9.Rocker   

10.Shaft of the worm wheel     11.Worm wheel        12.Inspection window cover

13.Back bearing housing of the worm



 Model A B C D E F G H K L1 L n d
 ZGP-100 155 945 413 - - 370 450 1500 400 800 1692 6 18
 ZGP-200 150 900 627 - - 400 500 1634 500 1020 1877 6 18
 ZGP-500 100 - 1150 940 - 590 640 1880 650 1540 2850 6 18
 ZGP-1000 160 - 1440 1160 - 710 760 1900 800 2000 35000 6 22
 ZGP-2000 150 345 1680 1510 - 940 1000 2400 1000 2550 4400 8 22
 ZGP-3000 150 370 1700 1697 763 1040 1100 2500 1200 2660 5300 10 22
 ZGP-4000 200 450 1820 1725 735 1120 1200 2700 1350 2800 5470 10 22
 ZGP-6000 200 450 1895 1000 955 1320 1400 3150 1550 3200 5400 10 22
 ZGP-8000 160 530 2720 915 915 1500 1580 3650 1700 3600 5400 10 22
 ZGP-10000 160 530 4120 915 915 1600 1680 3750 1800 4000 5800 10 22


Note: the above installation sizes are for reference only; the actual sizes are based on sizes and actual things before orders.


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